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Coagulation Analyzer
BCS Semi-automatic Blood Coagulometer Analyzer
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BCS Semi-automatic Blood Coagulometer Analyzer

Test Method:Coagulation Method and Immunoturbidimetry Method.

Test Items:PT、TT、FIB、APTT、D-Dimer、FDP.

Test Channel:4 channel.

Test Action:Fully automatic interaction with no key inputted manipulations.

Software Algorithm:Speed rate and percentage of free switch method.

Equipment Features:

Transmission, Scattering Optical Integration Module, Percentage Speed Rate, Percentage of Dual Core Free Switch Algorithm.

Cup Placing, Sampling and Cup Moving. One Non-Button Operated Integrated Optical Automatic Identification.

Quick and Convenient Real Time Detection for Reagent Information Scanning Input. 

BCS Semi-automatic Coagulometer Analyzer is suitable for the analysis of blood plasma coagulation and
anticoagulation, fibrinolytic and anti-fibrinolytic function. The equipment is used for detecting PT, TT, FIB, APTT, D-Dimer, FDP and other blood coagulation items. Before an operation, it can provide a more comprehensive
preoperative evaluation of clinical patients with bleeding and blood coagulation functions to determine steps necessary to eliminate medical treatment risk, prevent surgical bleeding and ensure the safety of operation based
on the surgery. After surgery, it can provide information to prevent postoperative bleeding and thrombosis, as well as provide important healing determination and prognosis evaluation. 

Prothrombin Time Assay Kit (One Stage Coagulation Method).

Thrombin Time Assay Kit(Coagulation Method).

Fibrinogen Content Assay Kit(Clauss Method).

Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time Assay Kit(Coagulation Method).

D-Dimer Assay Kit(Immunoturbidimetry Method).

Fibrinogen Degradation Products Assay Kit (Immunoturbidimetry Method).

Software Copyright Name:BCS Series Semi-automatic Coagulometer Analyzer Software System[Abbr:BCS150]V1.0 .

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