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About Us
Development History

    2016, Once again recognized as a high-technique enterprise of Hubei

   2015, Completion of production relocation and obtained new Medical Equipment Business License

   2015, Officially listed on the New Third Market. Stock Name: King Diagnostic Stock Code: 831676

  2006 – 2015, After thorough research and development of the Semi-Automatic Blood Coagulation Analyzer, Semi-Automatic Specific Protein Analyzer, Fully-Automatic Specific Protein Analyzer and various reagents. A total of 35 products were registered and put on the market.

2014,Wuhan elf Analyzer Instruments Co. Ltd. restructured stock shares while officially changing name to Wuhan King Diagnostic Technology Co. Ltd.

    2013, Obtained a Medical Equipment Business License as well as meeting the qualifications for engaging in the medical equipment industry.

 2006, Wuhan elf Analyzer Instruments Co. Ltd. was officially founded in addition to obtaining a Medical Equipment Production License.  

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