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About Us





Wuhan King Diagnostic Technology Co. Ltd. was founded in 2006 and specializes in in vitro diagnostic instruments and in vitro diagnostic reagents for research and development. Our Company established a wholly owned subsidiary – Wuhan ZhongTai Biotechnology Co. Ltd. On January 22nd, 2015 King Diagnostic was officially listed on the New Third Market at a registered 24 million yuan. Stock Name: King Diagnostic Stock Code: 831676


King Diagnostic has the power for continuous innovation and sustainable growth. We possess nearly 30 intellectual property rights in addition to 3 medical equipment registration certificates of in vitro diagnostic analyzer and diagnostic reagent. Our products primarily focus on immune and blood diagnostics, the study of bodily fluids, applications including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, renal function, early diagnosis of infectious diseases and diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.


King Diagnostic has standard production conditions and management standards. We constructed a production plant at more than 4000 square meters with purification workshops and advanced offices to promote scientific research to lay the foundation and support the development of King Diagnostic in Wuhan Biolake—the Wuhan National Biological Industry Base. We also have an efficient sales and service team around the country to guarantee our excellent sales and post-sales service network. Our products which include quality, cost-effectiveness and convenient services are widely recognized.

King Diagnostic stays true to our core values which includes being customer-oriented, proactive efficiency continuous innovation, the pursuit of excellence and mutual cooperation to provide our customers high quality and cost-effective products as well as trustworthy service.We strive to strengthen sustainable development of a social economy through our continuous innovation directed at creating quality products. 












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